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Professional Whitening Tooth-Paste

Professional Whitening Tooth-Paste

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This Professional Whitening Tooth-Paste is one of a kind and will help you to brighten your smile quickly and easily. Its unique formula includes all-natural ingredients that gently exfoliate and remove surface stains for a whiter smile.


Professional Whitening Tooth-Paste is proven to enhance the effectiveness of whitening treatments, and the innovative formulation not only lifts surface stains but also helps reduce plaque buildup and freshens breath, providing multiple benefits in one product.


With regular use, this tooth-paste helps maintain a brighter smile and healthier gums, boosting your confidence and oral health without causing any unwanted side effects like sensitivity.


Use before each whitening treatment and/or once a week after your regular brushing routine to keep surface stains at bay and your smile bright. Not to be used as your everyday toothpaste. 


Here's how to use it:

🪥 Dispense a small amount onto your toothbrush

🫧 Brush gently

✨️ Rinse thoroughly with water (or with Professional Whitening Mouthwash for even better results!) for a brighter, more confident smile 


Brighten your smile with Professional Whitening Tooth-Paste and enjoy boosted whitening results and a fresher smile with every use.


50ml = ~50 brushes

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